2018 Clinic & Camp Dates

College ID Camps

Boys: Sat Dec. 22 2018
Girls: Sun Dec. 23 2018

Fee: $160

El Camino College in Torrance


8th grade, High school, JC

9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 


This 1 day camp is for GK's who will be trained and evaluated by College Coaches. Select college coaches will be running a total 3-45 minute training sessions.

Torrance Locations:

Levy Adult School

3420 West 229th Place,

Torrance, CA 90505


El Camino College

16007 Crenshaw Blvd,

Torrance, CA 90506


Huntington Beach Location:

Hunting Beach High School

1905 Main Street,

Huntington Beach, CA  92648

Reusch Elite Camp

This is our traditional 2-day camp designed for the non- College ID eligible keepers.  Topics will include: high balls/crosses, mobility, angled diving, and 1v1 breakaways.  

This program is unique and provides for developing proper technical skills while instilling a more sophisticated understanding of the goalkeeper position. This program is perfect for any player new to the position, or those under the age of 13.


Date: Sat-Sun Dec. 22-23, 2018

Fee: $210, $110 (1 day)

Location: El Camino College

Time: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.



Project Pink SOLD OUT!!!!

2018 Project Pink

Fight the Fight- Find a Cure

This year IGA will support breast cancer awareness with a training shirt, game glove, and towel combo package. Project Pink would not be possible without the support of Dave Banning, CEO of Reusch USA and now has been distributed by Reusch International into Europe and the UK. IGA is the first Academy to create a truly global campaign with GK gloves.

Welcome to GK4Life.net. The home of Impact Goalkeeping Academy.

IGA (Impact Goalkeeper Academy) is available to goalkeepers who want to elevate their game to the next level. We offer training to all levels of goalkeepers, from beginning youth to competitive college prep. With over 20 years experience in goalkeeper training. Our focus is on four essential areas critical to a goalkeeper success: technical, tactical, physical, & psychological. Every goalkeeper will be taught proper technique, pushed hard to excel under pressure & have serious fun!  We follow our saying: "A goal saved is a goal earned" at IGA we strive that every keeper in our program makes an IMPACT on their team. Reusch Goalkeeper products are a proud sponsor of IGA programs. All goalkeepers who participate in IGA camps and programs receive discounts toward Reusch Goalkeeper products. Come experience the IMPACT method!

The Story behind this all:

For many years (over 10) both Big Joe & Mizzy were training keepers separately within their respective programs. Over time as players moved between Clubs, they started training the same players.  The youth Clubs that they worked for were bitter rivals however this never bothered or got between what either coaches were trying to accomplish. There was always high respect for one another although they never had met.  Parents would often discuss the differences between their coaching styles, and would always follow up with- "you should do a camp together". 

Finally in Summer of 2011 Mizzy messaged Joe for a meeting; just to chat and talk about the South Bay goalkeeper scene. The meeting was held at Mizzy's home, and the SB-GK scene changed... 

That evening, they talked about everything GK related until 2:00 in the morning.  One of the ideas: hold a camp together. A non-club biased GK camp. Focusing on only a few topics, and keeping the costs low to the attending families.  It wouldn't be about making tons of money- but more about educating, teaching, and raising the quality of the SB-GK scene.  


In the Winter of 2011, under the Impact Goalkeeping Academy banner at West HS in Torrance they held their first camp. They expected (hoped really) 25-30 kids ages 8-17.  Camp total: 65! One of the IGA rules- camper to coach ratio must be low. This massive group was going to severely break this important rule. Big Joe decided to split the camp- "olders" and "youngers". They held 2 separate sessions per day so the campers would have smaller groups- resulting in better coaching opportunity. No other sports camps would do this. IGA is about the players getting better, not having groups of 15+ per coach. 


Mizzy and Big Joe host 3-4 camps annually, all focusing on specific areas, never doing the same session twice.  The result is a very high camper return rate, and a great following. Keepers from all ages, and level attend their camps; from the newest goalkeeper to Cal South ODP/Pro Plus to collegiate Division I males and females. Camp groups, and specifics are tailored to the players coming in. The word has spread, and families are coming from San Diego, Ventura, and Inland Empire.


That's the story behind it all. Hope to see you at the next camp!